PiRat Radio

Song Credits

Danko Jones - Never Again

Dual Core - Ten Hack Commandments

Optimus Rhyme - Obey The Moderator

Compressorhead - Compressorhead

Optimus Rhyme - Reboot

A Snippet from Wienners - Go Anti Go

MC Frontalot - A G4 Commercial

Street League - Hack The Planet

Dan Bull - Wikileaks and the Need for Free Speech

Gas Huffer - Hacked

Optimus Rhyme - Coded and United

Hacker - Hacker Theme

Beefy - Disconnect

Bad Religion - I Love My Computer

Dual Core - War Games

Snailmate - Marrow

Optimus Rhyme - LEDs

The Aquabats - Nerd Alert

MC Frontalot - Zero Day [DEFCON Remix]

Anti-Flag - Underground Network

Dual Core - All The Things

Lyrics by Dan Bull, Instrumentals by people I forgot and dont have the song name - Emoright [Mashed up by Mouse]

YT Cracker - Hacker Wars